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Telescopic Car Mirror Wiper

Telescopic Car Mirror Wiper


The Car Rearview Mirror Wiper Cleaning Tool is a must-have accessory for maintaining clear and spotless auto glass. Designed for efficiency, this tool features a telescopic handle and a durable wiper blade to easily remove mist, dirt, and debris from your rearview mirrors and windows. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, making your cleaning tasks quick and effortless.


    • Efficient Cleaning: Effectively removes mist, dirt, and debris from rearview mirrors and windows.
    • Telescopic Handle: Adjustable length for reaching all areas with ease.
    • Ergonomic Design: Comfortable grip for easy and efficient cleaning.
    • Durable Materials: High-quality construction for long-lasting performance.
    • Compact and Portable: Easy to store in your car for convenient use anytime.

    Keep your rearview mirrors and windows crystal clear with the Car Rearview Mirror Wiper Cleaning Tool, an essential accessory for every car owner.


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