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Kids Snack & Play Car Tray - 50% off

Kids Snack & Play Car Tray - 50% off

Are you frustrated trying to keep your kids entertained whilst you are driving?

Choose Our No. 1 Rated Kids Snack & Play Car Tray - 50% Off

Are you frustrated trying to keep your kids entertained whilst you are driving.  Do your kids throw their food, pencils and toys all over the backseat never to be found again?  Is your car ruined from all the mess your kids create. 

Our Kids Snack & Play Car Tray is the perfect travel tray for your kids.  It is sturdy enough for your kids to eat on, play on and ready.  It buckles around the child and can be used in car seats, booster seats, strollers and even on airplanes.   It is perfect for keeping the kids entertained for long road trips and containing the mess to one spot.  

Whether you are buying Kids Snack & Play Tray for yourself or a loved one, it is entirely risk free. We are so confident that you will fall in love with your Kids Snakc & Play Car Tray we offer a 14 day money back guarantee. Join over 10,000+ satisfied customers who have created extra storage in their car.  



The Kids Snack & Play Car Tray fits over all types of car seats and can be strapped around safely.   It is made from nylon, foam and polyester and is sturdy enough for them to draw, eat, read and play games. 

It has raised sides keep items from falling off the tray and has mesh pockets to keep toys, snacks, drinks, pencils and other kids special items. 


✔️ WATERPROOF - Waterproof and can be easily wiped

✔️ RAISED SIDES -  To stop things falling on the floor

✔️ MESH POCKETS -  To keep snacks, drinks, pencils, toys and other kids special items. 

✔️  ADJUSTABLE STRAP -  Adjustable strap and contoured edge fits the tray to kids' waists

✔️ EASY INSTALLATION - Adjustable back strap keeps tray secured to kids. contour design fits snugly to the kid’s waist and attaches easily to car seats.


✔️ Colour: Dark Blue

✔️ Material: nylon, foam and polyester

✔️ Strap Size: 85cm

✔️ Product Size: 40cm x 34cm x 5cm


  • 1 x Baby Car Seat Lap Tray
    - 1 x Adjustable Strap

Reduce Risks of Distracted Driving

A recent study conducted by Monash University, Aussies are being distracted every 96 seconds by something other than driving their vehicle.  To no surprise eating or drinking is the one of the top 5 distractions. 

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