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Car Sunshade Windscreen Umbrella

Car Sunshade Windscreen Umbrella

Car Sunshade Umbrella for Windshield - 50% off

Choose our No. 1 car windshield sunshade umbrella

Hate getting into a hot, stuffy car? Does your car sit in the sun all day, making it too hot to handle? Is your old sunshade bulky and time-consuming to use every time you exit your vehicle? Does it provide adequate insulation? Is your car suffering from the harsh Australian sun?

Our car windshield sunshade umbrella

 protects your car from 99% of harmful UV rays, as well as your car's interior. Prevents aging and heat resistance. Maintaining a cool and comfortable driving environment is a must in the scorching Australian sun. No more stepping into a stuffy car heated up to 40°! It easily folds into a glovebox or door pocket, keeping your car cool this summer.

Whether you're buying a foldable car umbrella for yourself or a loved one, it's completely risk-free. We're so confident you'll love your foldable car umbrella that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. Join over 10,000 satisfied customers who have created extra storage space in their car.

How does it work?

The car windshield sunshade umbrella can be installed in less than 3 seconds and fits most car windshields.

The car windshield sunshade umbrella folds like a regular umbrella, allowing easy storage in the glovebox or car door pockets. This makes it easy to use every time you park your car in the sun.


✔️ EASY TO USE - Functions just like an umbrella, easily opening and expanding.

✔️ EXCELLENT SUN PROTECTION - Shields your car from heat and blocks up to 99% of UV rays.

✔️ DURABLE SUN BLOCKING - Blocks up to 80% of solar heat.

✔️ CAR VALUE PRESERVATION - Keeps your car's interior, steering wheel, and seats cool during Australian heat.

✔️ FITS MOST CARS - Whether you have a sedan, truck, van, or SUV, it covers the windshield. Check window size before purchasing as it may not fit all cars.

✔️ 3-SECOND INSTALLATION - Quick and easy to set up.

✔️ PORTABLE STORAGE - Small and compact, it can be stored in your car's trunk. About the size of a water bottle.


✔️ Color: Black

✔️ Material: High-efficiency composite titanium-silver adhesive.

✔️ Product Size (Open): 145 cm x 79 cm

✔️ Product Size (Folded): 37 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm


  1. 1 pc. Car Sunshade Umbrella (Foldable/Black)
  2. 1 pc. Storage Bag

PLEASE NOTE: The size of the car sunshade umbrella is 145cm x 79cm. It fits most cars. Before purchasing, please check the size of your windshield. A difference of 1-5 cm is allowed due to manual measurement.



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